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Pollution in the Mariana Trench

Wanna hear some bad news? Scientists have recently discovered that the Mariana Trench, a huge void caused at the intersection between two tectonic plates, is absolutely loaded with harmful pollutants that are damaging all sorts of ecosystems. We used to be confident that the Mariana Trench, a setting even more hostile than the top of […]

Formation of the Sahara

How did the mighty Sahara Desert form? This huge desert, the largest in the world not counting the Arctic or Antartica, covers roughly 10% of Africa. How does such a structure form? According to this article: ( the region in the north of Africa first started experiencing desertification over 7 million years ago during the […]

Lava Fire Hose Check out the video from this link. In Hawaii, the Kiluea volcano has been producing an igneous delta with non-viscous magma. Recently there was a landslide of sorts, which exposed a huge opening adjacent to an active lava tube. The result is this incredible outpouring of liquid rock…some of the most incredible nature footage […]

Channeled Scablands

20,000 years ago the Cordilleran Ice Sheet was moving north. In western Montana a particular ice lobe from this sheet blocked a crucial valley in a ¬†place called Clark Hill. Because this crucial pass was blocked off, melt water from the ice sheet began to fill a giant basin now referred to as Missoula. The […]

Ganges River – Pollution

The Ganges River is one of the world’s largest, and feeds the largest delta in the world. This river starts in the Himalayas, getting fed by the melting glaciers there. Scientists estimate that the Ganges River and Delta, which have already seen their fair share of natural disasters, may become even more dangerous when climate […]