Pollution in the Mariana Trench

Wanna hear some bad news? Scientists have recently discovered that the Mariana Trench, a huge void caused at the intersection between two tectonic plates, is absolutely loaded with harmful pollutants that are damaging all sorts of ecosystems. We used to be confident that the Mariana Trench, a setting even more hostile than the top of Mount Everest, might have escaped from the influence of human pollution…but chemicals such as PCBs and PBEDs are sinking down to this void and developing into the fatty tissues of deep ocean creatures that call that place their home. These chemicals, which have been banned in parts of the world for over thirty years, persist in the environment for a very long time. Animals in the oceans¬†absorb and then retain these chemicals in their fat tissues, which then get utilized by larger life forms like whales. These pollutants have a tendency to make their way up food chains, effecting humans in the long run. Here’s an interesting article about the trench: