Colorado River Delta Restoration Efforts

This article described restoration efforts of the Colorado River Delta, a joint US-Mexico attempt to restore biodiversity to the region.  The delta had dried up as hydroelectric dams had been installed along the river, leading to desertification of the region.  This is a region incredibly rich in nutrients due to the amount of sediment carried by the Colorado River, though the river drying up led to this area on the border between Mexico and Arizona losing much of its vegetation and many of the animals that made it their home.  Even a single large pulse of water was enough to return biodiversity to the region, so if this restoration effort can maintain a flow of water to the region, it could not only return vegetation to the region, but it could also help prevent soil erosion as the roots from trees can help hold sediment in place.  This is a fine line to walk however, as this pulls water away from other regions that depend on reservoirs formed along the Colorado River.