Author: spr14006

Internship at Alpine Ocean

This Summer, I will likely have a crew position on an oceanographic research vessel of Alpine Ocean, a division of Gardline group, a company which specializes in Geophysical surveys, vibracore and geotechnical services, Hydrographic survey services, as well as oceanographic survey services and enviornmental, biological and marine wildlife survey services. Sediment transport studies are involved […]

Evidence from central Mexico supporting the Younger Dryas extraterrestrial impact hypothesis

This paper examines sediments of Lake Cuitzeo of central Mexico, and interprets very strange components of a strange unusual layer of materials dated to the beginning of the Younger Dryas. This unique lacustrine carbon rich layer posesses traces of microspherules which have been interpreted as evidence of a cosmic impact. Data was attained from a […]

River Incision experiment

  We attempted to generate the highest incision rates as possible in this sediment simulation. By increasing the flow rate and making the channel as narrow as possible, the water will flow extremely rapidly. However, the channel continues to widen as the canyon walls collapse. This is especially true along the edge of the outside […]